Stephanie Loiland


Magic: The Gathering


  • 1 PPTQ top 8
  • Many PPTQ top 16 finishes
  • Milwaukee GP main event- 4-3-1
  • Arena: Preseason 2 Ravnica Allegience Limited- Bronze tier 4 and Constructed- Bronze tier 2
  • Arena: I hit gold in beta arena previously although it doesn’t show in my arena history.


  • This month- I am participating in the pre-release events and preparing for the main event at Magicfest Madison. I would like to build and playtest a competitive standard deck on arena and in paper form.
  • This season- I would like to reach mythic in arena and work toward qualifying for the mythic championship.
  • This year- I would like to start streaming and work on establishing a presence in the streaming community.
  • Future beyond this year- I would like to become a full time streamer/ professional magic player in whatever capacity that I can.

Stephanie “StephL” Loiland

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