Carolyn Kavanagh


Magic: The Gathering


  • Top 8 RPTQ (Modern) that qualified for Cleveland (Lost in top 8)
  • Qualified for 2-3 RPTQ’s a year during the pptq/rptq system (3 years?)
  • 11-4 at GP Vegas 2018 Modern (Best finish at a Grand Prix by record)
  • 81st at GP London 2019 Limited (Best finish at a Grand Prix by standings … and cash)
  • Won a Modern Challenge in Oct 2018
  • Invested heavily in teaching local kids to play magic (2018-2019)
  • Used to work at an after school care program and teaching kids to play is a passion of hers; just getting them to attend FNM is an accomplishment on its own


  • I would like to consistently make mythic in constructed. My main blockage to this goal is physically playing the games. I have found myself lacking some motivation to complete this goal and having a team around could help motivate me.
  • Month : Make Diamond in constructed in May
  • Season (lets say this means 3 month goal): Make Mythic in June and top 1000 in July. I would also like to develop my limited rank to at least Platinum.
  • Year: Fit Arena into my schedule so that I am playing more consistently. I would also like to develop my limited game over the year.

Carolyn “TheMightyLinguine” Kavanagh

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