Ben Wienburg


Magic: The Gathering


  • 23rd PT Dark Ascension
  • Top 8 Grand Prix Philadelphia 2008
  • 2nd at SCG Invitational Los Angeles 2012
  • Multiple SCG Open and Classic Top 8’s including 2 wins
  • Has won multiple PTQ’s


  • I would like to re-qualify for the Mythic Championship(pro tour).  I want to continue to get mythic in constructed every season. I would like to get mythic in limited but I do realize that Arena isn’t the best place to improve limited skills.
  • I currently have 4 MCQ’s and a Starcity Invitational that I am currently planning to attend in the next 2 months. I would like Top 8 at least two of the MCQs and Top 32 or better the invitational.

Ben “Firstshot” Wienburg

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